Home Tattoo Removal The Ink Busters Way

One of the most popular home tattoo removal products is called Ink Busters. Ink Busters is a leader in the home tattoo removal industry and they are one of the most respected and trusted companies that you can deal with.

Their product is quite different than many of the products that people use to remove a tattoo at home. Unlike some products that fall into the category of tattoo removal creams, Ink Busters uses a chemical called TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid.

Before you run off in fear of the idea of using a product that has acid in it on your skin, have you ever heard of high end beauty salons that offer chemical skin peels?

Heath spas have been doing chemical skin peels on their customers for many years to treat everything from wrinkles to fine lines, acne, birthmarks, and other blemishes. Care to take a guess about what kind of chemical these spas use? If you guessed that they use TCA, you'd be right!

If TCA can be used to treat all of these skin conditions, doesn't it make sense that it could also be used to remove tattoos?

Ink Busters sells an at home TCA tattoo removal kit that comes with everything you might need to start fading your tattoo at home. Did you notice that I said fading your tattoo?

The reason I said fading is because that's what their product actually does. It slowly fades your tattoo away a little at a time and you keep using it until you are satisfied with the results.

Ink Buster's tattoo fading kit will only set you back $19.95. Not only won't the price tag hurt your wallet, using this product won't hurt you skin either. According to the Ink Buster website, (www.inkbusters.com), "Some people say it has a mild sting, others say it doesn’t sting at all." They go on to say that ladies who use TCA for facial peels sometimes use a hand held fan to cool their skin to alleviate any discomfort. The product comes with a neutralizing agent that can be applied if the sensation does become too uncomfortable.

If you're the type of person who has a hard time remembering simple things like brushing your teeth everyday, I think you'll be happy to know that Ink Busters TCA only needs to be applied once every six weeks!

If spending $19.95 to get started on the process of fading your tattoo at home sounds appealing to you, you might to consider giving InkBuster's home tattoo removal product a try.

You can buy it on the InkBusters website that is in the link posted above.

Extreme Tattoo Removal Methods To Avoid

The very thought of the things I'm writing about today makes my skin crawl! I've been doing some poking around to find some of the most extreme tattoo removal methods so that I could write today's blog post.

You might want to set your dinner aside while you read this post because it's not for the squeamish!

Abrasion Tattoo Removal
This is one of the most extreme home tattoo removal methods that I found. Believe it or not, some people actually get so desperate to remove their tattoo at home that they resort to sanding or grinding their tattoo off with an electric sander or electric grinder.

This is a very dangerous thing to do. Sure, you'll probably get rid of your tattoo, if you have the guts to go through with it, but you'll surely be left with a nasty scar and it would be very easy to end up with a serious infection.

Burning a Tattoo Off
I was also able to find examples of people who go to the extreme and actually try and remove their tattoo with fire! That's right, I said FIRE! Those who attempt this method often use cigarette lighters, lit cigarettes, or cigars; and in some very extreme cases, even blow torches!

Don't let the idea of burning your tattoo off even enter your mind. The amount of heat that would be required to actually remove a tattoo this way would certainly result in severe burns that would be both painful and easily infected. Not to mention the awful scars that you would be left with!

Cutting A Tattoo Off
Believe it or not, there are even those who attempt to cut their tattoo off. Some attempt to use a razor blade to remove just the top layer of skin. This isn't likely to be very effective because tattoo ink is deposited below the surface skin in a layer of skin called the dermis.

Others have actually tried to use a razor blade to perform at home surgery and cut the skin deep enough to fillet the tattooed skin and then sew the open wound closed with a sewing needle and fishing line or dental floss.

This method also poses a significant risk of serous infection and should definitely be avoided.

The Risk Are Just Too High
I realize that you might be desperate to have your tattoo removed but desperate times don't always call for desperate measures. If you're serious about removing your tattoo at home, you might want to consider using an an at home tattoo removal product such as InkBusters.

I suggest that you use an at home tattoo removal product such as InkBusters. You can learn more about this product in my recent blog post called Home Tattoo Removal The Ink Busters Way.

Steel Wool And Salt To Remove A Tattoo?

Here's another tattoo removal method that isn't worth wasting your time with.  The myth is that if you make a paste out of salt and water and then apply the paste to your tattoo followed by using steel wool to vigorously rub the salt water paste into your skin you can remove your tattoo.

Hello!!!!  Does anyone besides me think this is a bad idea?  Haven't you ever heard the old expression, "...that's like pouring salt in a wound"?  The reason that expression works is because everyone knows that putting salt in an open wound HURTS like hell.  It's just not a good idea!

Salt and an open wound just don't go together so if you ever wake up with the urge to try and remove your tattoo with steel wool and salt, do yourself a big favor and go back to bed.

Don't Try Bleaching Your Tattoo Off

There's a myth floating around that you can remove a tattoo with bleach. This is another one of those old wives tales that should be avoided.

It's not actually possible to remove a tattoo with bleach. When a tattoo is applied, the tattoo ink is deposited below the top layer of skin which is called the epidermis and into the second layer of skin which is called the dermis.

A professional tattoo artist will do a pretty good job of depositing the tattoo ink at the right depth but if you received a homemade tattoo, some of the ink could be deeper than it should be which would make the ink especially difficult for something like bleach to have any affect on it.

So, if you ever hear someone say that it's possible to remove a tattoo with bleach, you'll know that what they are saying just isn't true.

Why Many People Choose Home Tattoo Removal

If you've never actually asked a doctor to see how much laser tattoo removal costs, you probably don't realize why so many people are looking for cheaper alternatives.

Having a tattoo removed with lasers by a plastic surgeon is incredibly expensive.  You might expect to have to pay several hundred dollars for each session!

The process for removing a tattoo with lasers is quite a bit different than going in to have something like a mole removed.  When a doctor removes a mole, you go into the doctor with a mole and when you leave, it's gone.

Those who choose to have laser tattoo removal should plan on going in for several sessions.  It could take as many as ten or more sessions to fully remove the tattoo if you can believe that!  This means that having your tattoo removed by lasers could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Because it can be so expensive to pay for someone to remove your tattoo with lasers, many people find themselves looking for a way to remove their tattoos at home.

The good news is that there are several products that people can use to remove their tattoo from the comfort of their own home.

Check back in a few days for my next blog post on a popular at home tattoo removal product that uses a chemical called TCA.

Is Getting a Cover Up Tattoo A Good Idea?

If you' have an ugly tattoo that you aren't happy with, maybe you've considered getting a cover up tattoo.  Maybe you don't have the slightest idea what it is that I'm talking about?

Basically this is just a fancy way to say that you're going to have a tattoo artist try to "fix" the mistake that someone else already made.

In some cases, a good tattoo artist can make an ugly tattoo look a little better but many of the times, it's pretty apparent that you tried to get a past mistake fixed.

You might think of getting a cover up tattoo like putting makeup on a pig.  No matter how much makeup you apply, a pig is still a pig.

If you do decide to get a cover up tattoo, make sure that you go to a qualified and licensed tattoo artist and one that has lots of experience giving cover up tats.

It requires much more skill to alter an existing and ugly tattoo to look like there never was a mistake than it does to apply a nice looking tattoo in the first place.

What I'm getting at is that just because you walk into a shop instead of your buddy's garage, there's no guarantee that you'll be any more happy with the tattoo that you walk out with.

Why Homemade Tattoos Aren't a Good Idea

There have literally been hundreds of millions of tattoos applied to people around the world throughout time. A good portion of these tattoos have been applied by unskilled, backyard tattoo artists. Keep in mind that I use the phrase "tattoo artist" very loosely here.

There are so many things that can go wrong when someone gets a homemade tattoo that it's just not worth the risk. Some of the risks include:

  • Ugly tattoos
  • Light or faded looking tattoos
  • Blurry tattoo lines
  • Infections

These are just a few of the things that can go wrong if you decide to get a tattoo applied in your buddy's basement.

The main reason that getting a tattoo applied at home is a bad idea is because the ink is often applied too deeply which makes removing it later virtually impossible.

Save yourself the embarrassment and trouble and politely decline the next time your best friend suggests that you should give each other "BFF" tattoos with a homemade tattoo gun!